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Chabad on Campus International


Thank you for being here.


It happened again last week.


And this is happening with increasing frequency. All across the country.


I’ll call him David. He’s a bright, energetic student, a junior majoring in chemistry. Good

grades, lots of friends.


But there he stood in the doorway of his local Chabad house that Wednesday afternoon

looking frightened and confused. Asking for a few minutes.


He spoke of the graffiti smeared on the wall near the doorway of his room in the dorm. A

swastika. And about the muttered slurs he and some of his Jewish classmates were being

subjected to.


“What should I do?” David asked.


This is a question we’re asked across the country… from Florida to California to Virginia to

New York.


That’s why you are here today. That’s why we need your help with the Giving Fellowship.


The Giving Fellowship is a mid-summer boost from caring and concerned supporters to make sure Jewish students start strong in September.


Thank you for being part of a very special club!


This summer we are raising $480,000 to help David and thousands of students around the world. So we’re ready when they need us.


I know you care. I deeply appreciate the impact that you have made on students’ lives. I am sure that many of them will treasure their Jewish experiences forever.


We can’t stop. It’s too important.


Students need to know about and how to deal with anti-Semitism on campus, before it strikes!


They need a place to learn, study and celebrate their Judaism, their own identity as Jews!


My hope is that you will participate in this campaign to make sure we are strong.


And thanks to a challenge grant from the Rohr Family Foundation, your donation will be doubled!


So if you give $1,000 it will be worth $2,000 towards our goal. our gift of $2,000 is worth $4,000!


Can we reach our goal of $240,000?


I am confident that with your help and the help of all of our caring friends, we will be unstoppable!


May G-d Almighty bless you and yours with good health and abundant prosperity. Chazak!


Rabbi Yossy Gordon

Executive Vice President

Chabad on Campus International